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Creating novel covers

Health Routine

Health Routine Music

Globalisation - Global Issues

Maths Games

Number Patterns

Multiplication Game

Term 3 Art - By Room 4

Compare and contrast Map - World Heath

Link to new games

Money - Monopoly

Telling the time

New Measurement Games for Maths Term 3

Alpha have been learning to add decimal numbers using tidy numbers.

Obiwans are using SOLO thinking to describe characters from their Novel. Timothy

We have created Punctuation Guides for our writing. Take a Look at Alisha and Caitlin's.

Reading each Night is Important

Continue the story and practice your Individual goal

Fractions Games for Term 3

Term 2 Maths Strand- We are now learning about probability and Statistics

Tālofa! its Sāmoan Language Week

Māori Land Wars 'Bastion Point' - Inquiry

Using Materials to solve multiplication problems

Counting in Maori

Inquiry - Invent a new chair. Post your chair design on to your blogs

Skywalker's Evaluate the Claim. You decide

Obiwans Evaluate the claim

Yoda - Evaluating the claim

Evaluate the Claim using Han Solo thinking - Yoda

What is Persuasive Writing?

Next term we are looking at Invention, Innovation and Creation.

Creating shades, moods and atmospheres with paint.

Kayla shows improvement in learning to use dialogue correctly in her literacy work

Rishy achieved his Literacy Goal to add capital letters and full stops correctly.

Genius Hour - Thanks Mr B

Jaiveer - My Story

Benjamin - My Story


Remember and Learn our Karakia

Bryan Curtis- Masters Poetic Writing

Geometry Tessellations.

We have started our inquiry into German immigration to NZ. Follow our journey Here

1990's Immigration

NZ in 70's - 80's

Immigration 1900s to 1960s

Early British Colonization

Pre-Treaty Aotearoa

Read through the power point and answer the following questions.