Rishy achieved his Literacy Goal to add capital letters and full stops correctly.

Zoom! Dash saw something sparkling in the bushes. It was a portal to another dimension. I told my mum that I was going to play at my friend’s house for a few hours. As he stepped it into the portal, he felt his body itching. He saw a colourful world as he stepped out of the cool portal. Then he saw an ugly witch that looked like a troll. Her name is Mollie. She laughed like a clown and then took me to her secret cave. As he was riding on her itchy brush he was getting sleepy from the mossy smell. He drifted off to sleep like a tired sloth. After a few hours the  witch woke him up. Her mossy smell itched his nose. “Drink this potion or else I will let my dragon eat you until you are dead’’ she screeched. He said no so she got a potion from her dirty cupboard and then poured it on the chain that was attached to the dragon. The potion looked mucky. He zoomed to get her magic wand that was in her pocket to save himself from the furious dragon. Then when he zapped it onto the dragon he made it shrink into a cute dragon. He ran as fast cheetah to get out of the horrifying cave. And then he saw another portal in the bushes. He ran to the portal and jumped in. After a few minutes he landed back in his beautiful garden. And then RING! He jumped out of his bed. His alarm was ringing.” It was all a dream” he said.    


  1. Well done, Rishy. Great to see you setting a goal and achieving it. I also liked a lot of your word choices!


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