Counting in Maori

Old Vocab:
tahi one
rua two
toru three
wha four
rima five
whitu seven
waru eight
iwa nine
tekau ten

New Vocab:
Manu - thousand
Rau - hundred
Tekau - tens
Task for at home
Practice and Post on your individual blog:

  1. 34
  2. 56
  3. 374
  4. 8983
  5. 3473
  6. 9863
  7. 5022
  8. Kotahi manu, toru rau, rima tekau ma tahi
  9. Iwa manu, ma ono
  10. Rua manu, whitu rau, waru tekau ma wha


  1. Great Job! You have made it very easy to learn from this post. Make sure you are not missing any important details. This is very helpful for Maori beginners!


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